Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Rush

I was talking with someone at work on Monday. He said he had heard Rush Limbaugh talking about the recent fires. He was laughing about the fact that Rush said something to the affect of, "You see, you just can't trust the government" and proceeded to roll his eyes.

Now I have to qualify what I am about to say with the following: I have listened to Rush's show. In my view it is often intentionally inflammatory if not misleading. After all, he is showman first and news second. But when your right your right (no pun intended). Nail on the frigging head.

When our officials manage to negotiate, outside of public view, total immunity for themselves and their actions, all trust should be revoked. They are clearly acting in the interest of government and not in the interest of the people who put them in office (even if it is an appointed position which I am not sure about). Fortunately, we live in a country where we can remove them from office. But will we?

Here is where I start to say some things that may offend. So be it. WE are responsible for the state of government. Call it apathy or resignation, but we simply don't care enough to take the actions necessary to alter the status quot. Most people when asked or told about this singularly tragic event, and how it came about, will simply sigh and say something like, "yeah, well what can you do?..." like it wasn't partially their vote, or lack of it, that created the situation in the first place.

Folks, a vote and a voice are the tools at our disposal. We HAVE to use them. Three people died and 27 homes were lost because there is no reasonable threat of criminal responsibility for the idiots that signed off on this fiasco. What are WE going to do about that?

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